The JWebDesktop Project


1. FAQ List

1.1. Why JWebDesktop doesn't support XULRunner versions above 1.9.2?

JWebDesktop is based on SWT. SWT support for XULRunner above 1.9.2 is broken, as described in this bug. Once this is fixed, JWebDesktop will support other XULRunner versions. However, XULRunner 1.9.2 came out at 2010, so most web applications should run just fine. You may not be able to use some latest html5 features though.

1.2. Why JWebDesktop doesn't support latest jetty releases (7 and 8)?

Jetty JDT compiler has some bugs in version 7 and 8 which prevents it functioning properly under custom classloaders. As a result, JSP compilation throws error during runtime. Jetty 6x supports Servlet 2.5 and JSP 2.1, which should be sufficient for almost all the applications.

1.3. Can I bundle my own jvm with application ?

I haven't tested it, but you should be. Put the JVM in some directory inside [install_dir] and than open [install_dir]/etc/jwebdesktop.conf. Uncomment jdkhome property and change it's value to point to your internal bundled jvm (use relative path). Your application should now use bundled jvm, instead of system jvm.

1.4. There are only 2 application menus ?

In next release of jwebdesktop, I have plan to provide options for developers to add additional menus and actions, which can invoke javascript functions on embedded browser.